Victim Offender Conferencing

“My husband and I want to thank you and your team for your time, information, respect and professionalism.  You gave the boys an opportunity to hear each other and offered them some positive and appropriate tools necessary to move forward and have this be a great learning ground for growth and development.  We also appreciate that you documented and thoroughly explained to us all the consequences if negative behavior continues.  My hope is that we all can use this opportunity to learn and grow together.” February 2015

Victim offender conferencing provides victims an opportunity to meet their offender, in a safe and structured setting, and engage in a discussion of the crime.  With the assistance of a trained mediator/facilitator, the victim is able to tell the offender about the crime's physical, emotional, and financial impact; to receive answers to lingering questions about the crime and the offender; and to be directly involved in developing a restitution plan for the offender to pay back his or her debt, financial or otherwise.

The goals include:

Support the healing process of victims, by providing a safe and controlled setting for them to meet and speak with the offender.

Allow the offender to learn about the impact of the crime on the victim and to take direct responsibility for their behavior

Provide an opportunity for the victim and offender to develop a mutually acceptable plan that addresses the harm caused by the crime