Positive Impact Circle Program

A restorative peer sentencing process for youth offenses
Positive Impact Circles will empower communities, namely all those who are affected by crime/social problems, to actively participate in the response to violence and social problems.

In this way, Circles will enhance the justice system by holding the youth accountable to the community in which he or she resides.

Accountability will differ for each youth, but may include educational enhancements, restorative projects, community service, apologies and restitution.
A Peer Justice Directed Process

In Partnership with the Justice System

To Develop an Appropriate Sentencing Plan

That Addresses Concerns of Interested Parties

To Prevent Future Crimes and Address

Underlying Causes of Criminal Behavior

While Building a Sense of Community and its Capacity for Resolving Conflict

And Promoting and Sharing Common Values

The Circle process will:

Honor the presence and dignity of every participant
Value the contributions of every participant
Emphasize the connectedness of all things
Support emotional and spiritual expression
Give equal voice to all