Peacemakers Class

Preparing Youth to Successfully Respond to Conflict

With the right tools, conflicts can become powerful opportunities for peacemaking.

Peacemakers Class is held at Piedmont Mediation Center at 410 East Front Street, Statesville, NC upon request from the schools, parents, and agencies.  Please send us an email or call us for more information. There is no fee but a small donation can be made for snacks and drinks for the youth attending the class.

Youth learn:
  • to find words to express themselves
  • offer quick resolution techniques
  • build self awareness
Through the formation of attitudes, feelings, and values, peacemakers believe 5 things:
  • engaging with others is the way to solve problems and conflicts
  • empathy is important
  • their actions have impact on others
  • respect and responsibility are vital to conflict resolution
  • they can make a difference
Through specific deliberate actions each day, Peacemakers behave in 5 ways:
  • they form healthy relationships
  • they communicate ideas clearly and empathetically
  • they resolve conflicts peacefully
  • they help others
  • they practice skilled and effective problem solving and responsible decision making