Building Peace Program for Teens and Parents/Guardians

As a part of the Teen Court and Restorative Justice Programs, teens and their parent/guardians may attend the Building Peace Program.

The Building Peace Program shows parents and their teens how to strengthen the bonds between them, resulting in:

  • positive character development

  • substance abuse deterrence

  • positive discipline and supervision practices

  • along with crime and violence prevention

The classes are held on Monday evenings from 6-7:30PM at 410 E Front Street, Statesville, NC 28677.  Please park behind the Senior Center next door.  Families are scheduled for these trainings, and drop-in is not provided.

Classes are held at the same time, but separately, for the teen and their parent/guardian, with a group activity at the end.

Children's Hope Alliance (formerly Barium Springs Home for Children) provides licensed professionals as facilitators for this program.