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Mediation brings people in conflict together with a neutral third person who assists them in reaching a mutually-agreeable solution. The mediator helps clarify the issues, consider options and reach an agreement that fits their needs.

Piedmont Mediation Center, Inc. is a nonprofit 501©3 nonprofit serving central North Carolina, including but not limited to Alexander, Iredell, Davie, Davidson and Randolph Counties. Our mission is to promote and bring about the peaceful settlement of disputes and prevent escalation of conflict through mediation, facilitation, conciliation and training.

Our mediators are certified, or in-training to be certified, through the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, a sixteen-member body established by N.C. Gen. Stat. §7A-38.2. The Commission is charged primarily with certifying and regulating private mediators who serve the courts of this State

Participants in mediation report higher satisfaction rates than people who go to court. Because each side is actively involved in finding a mutually agreed upon solution, they have a higher commitment to the settlement than people who have a judge decide their case.

85% of mediated situations at

Piedmont Mediation Center

end in agreement.


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